Partnership Opportunity

We are always on the lookout for potential partners in forward thinking companies who share our vision of making our homes, infrastructure, communities and cities smarter. As a high growth company we are always open to collaborating with our partners in making our products better for our shared customer base.

Become a Future IQ installer!

Do you run an electrical installation company and want to be able to offer Future IQ solution to your customers? We have a whole suite of digital tools ready which will help you get started, handle sales and follow up on customers.


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Differentiate yourselves by offering your customers homes with our smart, environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions already built-in. Contact us to discuss how you can build smarter homes.

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Service Companies

Our solutions can enhance the quality of service for companies that offer goods or services inside customers homes. This can be housekeepers, food delivery, home assistance or similar. Contact us to see what we can do together!

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Customers trust you with their hard earned cash therefore engaging you to build their home that they will live in for many years. This is probably the biggest investment they would be making in their life to serve a loan for 30 years of their lives. So much trust is bestowed upon architects to design a family home so don’t let them down by not giving them an opportunity to live in luxury and have a home that looks after itself. We can work with you from day one until the completion of the project home. Want to see how? Give us a call now to see how you can keep your customers loyalty.

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Real Estate

You are the person who sell home day in and day out. Why not sell your new buyers with a peace of mind? They will also thank you for the up market lifestyle option that you have provided them. Repeat customers are always ensured if you always look after them well. Contact Future IQ to have a sit down discussion on how we can help you get more customers and to keep them coming back!!!

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Mortgage Brokers

Don’t just get your customer loans approved but also provide them the means to feel secure in their new home in a new location as they will thank you for many years for looking after their well being. It is hard to settle in a new neighbourhood but at-least your customers will know they and their family is safe and sound. Essentially the property value will also increase as a result of automating their new place. Get in touch and let’s work out a package for you.

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Energy Providers

If you are an energy provider and would like to know how to save money for your customers by providing a solution that will save money, provide security and add value to their homes then get in touch with us to get a tailored solution just for you!!!

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